Presenting the G-Hit AIR 1 Sub-Ohm Mod


At last, a super tough Sub-Ohm Mod atomiser that  really delivers huge clouds of vapour for months.


 Made from high-grade pyrex and stainless steel, the G-Hit AIR 1 Sub-Ohm Mod can withstand some punishment and will not crack easily or fall apart.


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The custom designed atomizer elements (or coils) are carefully engineered to maximise flow through the heater coil the enable the user to produce an astounding volume of thick, tasty vapour.


Ideal for use with Pure VG E-Juices from



Easy to replace and economical since each one should last up to 3 months and only cost a few pounds. Available in 0.5 Ohm and 0.3 Ohm.


Also features adjustable airflow through the use of a rotating wheel where you can select from very loose, to quite tight draw, depending on preference.


Packed in a neat presentation box, the G-Hit AIR 1 kit comprises one complete atomizer body and two heater elements.